Thursday, March 01, 2012


My Dad came up to visit us last week.  He rode the "Amish Bus"  from warm and sunny Sarisota, Florida up to our cold and rainy Indiana.  The bus stops only two times - once for fuel in the middle of the night and then a second time for breakfast.

Dad brought along two boxes of citrus fruit for us.  The grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines are amazing - you can't get anything from the grocery store that tastes as good as fresh from Florida!

Andrew took this picture while Dad was reading his Bible.  The boys sure enjoyed having Grandpa here, I just hope they didn't wear him out too much!  (Have you recovered yet, Dad?)


  1. Oh yes, I am rested. And it was a lot of fun just to be in your house again. The kids are such a joy and I enjoyed having some good old spiced tea, being in Toby's shop, and seeing all the things Keith is up to. Look at those arrow points he made. Just cannot believe!
    Wish you all could come down home sometime, and I assure you we are just delighted to see and be involved with each one of you. What else but my own daughter and her own family-just like that. What Joy it brings to the ole man.

  2. Oh yes, I am rested but just since this week. Now I had a Good Friday of rest, and today, and tomorrow.
    Had sucha great ime to be at your house with the kids and all. Just a delight to have a cuppa spiced tea, be with Toby and Keith in their shop, see Isaiah get into the laptop, and hear Esther play the piano.
    It's such a JOY to see my daughter with her family ensconced on a farm with tractors and stock....complete with fresh eggs.What an idyllic setting you have there.
    Sometime I hope you can come down home and have a little stay with soon a Toby can get to travelling a bit.
    Thanks for picking me up, delivering me, and allowing me just to stop by for a bit. I did enjoy it a lot.
    Love you all,