Monday, April 27, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - April 27th Edition

For Today...

Outside my window... sun is shining and birds are chirping

I am thinking... mentally making my To Do list, I really need to write it down

From the learning rooms... everyone is back at school today - yea!

I am thankful for... Esther's return to health, she is still fighting a sore throat, but is MUCH improved!

From the kitchen... another warm day today, so going to have Chef Salads for supper tonight

I am wearing... pink t-shirt and denim jumper, still need to get my tennis shoes on!

I am reading... I picked up The Love Dare this weekend and have started reading it
I am hoping... to get a lot of housework done today to bless my hubby

I am creating... a beautiful pink formal dress for Esther (still haven't started Esther's dress, and her piano recital is less than 2 weeks away!!!) 

I am praying... that I make wise use of my time

Around the house... very messy right now, going to be working hard today!

One of my favorite things... a nice cup of tea

A few plans for the rest of the week... I need to go to Rural King and get a couple of things for Toby here on the farm and Isaiah has a dentist appointment later this week, other than that, it will be cleaning and sewing for me

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Azalea picked for me by my 13yo son, aren't they pretty?

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Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20th - The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...

Outside my window... cloudy, alternating between light rain and drizzle

I am thinking... that I really need to get the house cleaned up, it's driving all of us crazy

From the learning rooms... boys are at school, Esther has work to make up from being sick all last week

I am thankful for... a wonderful husband who is able to come home early to pick up the boys after school while I take Esther to doctor

From the kitchen... Hamburger Casserole tonight

I am wearing... blue dress with pink flowers

I am reading... I've been too busy sewing the past few weeks to read, but the book I pick up when I can is  “So Much More” by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin

I am hoping... that Esther doesn't have mono, we'll find out later today at the doctor's office

I am creating... a beautiful pink formal dress for Esther (ok, I haven't started it yet, but it's next on my list!)

I am praying... for Sister-in-Law and difficult decisions she needs to make

Around the house... chaos is reigning – I've been busy sewing the past few weeks and haven't kept up like I should. Now that the prom dress is finished, I'm looking forward to Spring Cleaning!

One of my favorite things... my sewing machine

A few plans for the rest of the week... doctor office for Esther, getting laundry and dishes caught up, clearing out the Master Bedroom

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

I love this picture my Hubby took of Andrew!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Nothing Much

Well nothing much has been going on here.  We had a pig butchered and it should be ready tomorrow I believe if I heard Mom right.   Right now Keith, Isaiah, and I all have colds and were home sick today from school.    Hopefully when it gets dry enough I can put the radishes in the garden and we can start buying plants and seeds for it soon.  Hopefully Mom will post soon so you can really know what's going on since I'm kinda out of it right now. 


Friday, April 03, 2009

The Bair Homestead

Welcome to the Bair Homestead! 

I am Julie, otherwise known as "Mom" and have been married to my dear hubby for 16 years.  We bought this farm from hubby's grandparents and our children are the 5th generation on this farm.  This place holds a dear place in my Beloved's heart, he has wanted to own this farm since he was just 3 years old!  I am so grateful that that Lord allowed us to be able to live here and raise our children out here in the country.

We raise beef cattle and have had hogs and chickens in the past.  Our last batch of chickens was killed off by mink and we are hoping to get more chicks this year.  Esther is the gardener and she is planning a nice size garden this year so we can freeze and can some produce for the winter.

When I'm not doing the wife and mom things I enjoy sewing and knitting.  I am a custom dressmaker and have several dresses on order at the moment.  My main client is our pastor's family, they have four girls and I make alot of their dresses and headcoverings for the mom and two oldest girls.  I usually have a running list from them of items to work on.  In addition to their sewing, I have been asked to make a prom dress out of camouflage satin for a client and I am also making a formal dress for Esther for the State DAR Convention coming up in May.  *whew*  I'm going to be busy sewing the next several weeks!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hello to All

We are a Mother and Daughter team doing this blog.  Julie (the Mom) is a wife, mother of 1 girl and 3 boys, and homemaker.  She is also a seamstress.  Right now she is working on Daughter's formal dress and a prom dress.  Esther (the Daughter) is 14 years old and is in 9th grade.  She is currently going to a public school but is being homeschooled next year.  Here we will post our tips, recipes, pictures of current projects, etc.