Thursday, May 07, 2009

Around the Farm

Well here are a few (ok maybe a more than a few) pictures I took last Saturday while mushroom hunting (of which I found none).  Sorry if it takes a while to load.

This is Keith's (my youngest little brother) cat on my bed.  One of the few times he isn't attacking something and he's actually holding still.

This is a sunrise through my window screen in my bedroom.  I love that my window faces north so I can see both sunrises and sunsets!

These are some lilacs from one of the bushes we have.  I have a bush outside my window (well down on the ground of course) and if I open my window my room smells like them.  Yum!

This is a tree that is down by the very edge of our woods.  Mom said it looks like an apple or pear tree.  We're pretty sure it's a fruit tree of some sort but anyway, it's pretty.

This is a viola (I think that's how you spell it).   They are sprinkled all through out our woods.  I love how they come in all sort of color variations.  This was my favorite though.

Yeah I know they're weeds but I still thought they were pretty.  They are all down by our mud hole and there are so many of them they create almost like a carpet.  When you look down you see this purple carpet of plants.

These are Blackie, Daisy, and Petunia all grazing at the edge of the pasture. 

This is Daisy, my cow.  Her Mama is Blackie and Petunia is her daughter (I guess is what you would call her).  Now you know our cow family tree.

This is mint down along the edge of the pasture where the cows were grazing.

A tree with flowers in it along the edge of the pasture.  Have no idea what kind of tree it is.

This is a flower at the other edge of our woods that we believe from what my Great Grandma tells us is one she planted.  It's kind of neat knowing I get to see something she planted when she still lived on the farm.

The round hay bales all lined up along the fence.  Dad then gets them with the skidloader and puts them in the round bale feader.

This is our big barn where we store the corn and house the cows and
These are 3 of our 4 rhubarb plants along the pasture.

My Mom's favorite flowers which are right along the front entrance.  Looks like they are coming back pretty good since the boys decided to "trim" the bush.

Well hoped you liked the pictures and got a little taste  of what life is like around the farm.

Esther Christine


  1. shycountrygal10:41 AM

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing them. I especially enjoyed all the flowers.

    Hope you have a great day!


  2. Lisa Joy8:15 AM

    Great pictures E!! That kitty is adorable! and the rhubarb looks nice; I'm jealous!

    Take more pictures!

  3. RatherBSewing12:30 PM

    Thanks! I plan on taking many more pictures in the near future and especially as we get the garden and flowers planted I will take pictures of those too.